Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Concentration #7

Pencil drawing on drawing paper
10.5" x 8"

This pencil drawing is a very dramatic art piece. The wrinkles of the woman’s and hands and the crack in the cup help demonstrate and portray a story through this art piece. The contour outlining of the wrinkles helps distinguish how old and aged the woman holding the cup is. The converging lines lead the eye towards the focal point which is the tea cup. The location also helps create emphasis on the focal point, because it is the largest and most centralized aspect of the piece. This is a realism piece that is drawn to portray a real life setting and a story behind the focal point. The wrinkles create texture and form. The range in values and shading throughout the entire piece makes it visible that there is a light source and it generates emphasis on the tea cup. The cup has the lightest lights on it; therefore, it stands out more. The simplicity of the piece creates unity throughout the art piece. 

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