Monday, February 13, 2012

Concentration #11

Colored Pencil on Colored Multimedia Paper 
11.75" x 8.5"

This piece is much different than all of my previous pieces. I saw this cup in an antique shop; however, it was not broken and I did not have a picture reference for this drawing. I combined several different ideas to create the composition. The highlights on the spilt tea/coffee create depth and show form. The repeated piece of the tea cup on the right side of the piece makes the eye go back towards the center of interest. The background of the piece tells a story that something happened to break this cup, and the antique toy correlates to the age of the tea cup. The simple portrayal of molding shows that the cup broke as it hit the ground. The cup stands out as the focal point because it is the lightest aspect of the piece. The  blue hue of the paper creates unity with the blue tea cup, and it also broadens my concentration.