Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bad Dog

13.25" x 9.75"
Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper 

For my tenth concentration, I wanted to challenge my creativity and expand my concentration. I have a very dear and strong love for my puppy, Holly. Holly is a wild dog, who has not yet, but probably would, pull a napkin off of a table. This portrayal of my dog is not realistic; however, I was able to take several different pictures and ideas and morph them into one compositionally unique piece. The dark colors of the wood are repeated within the cup and the spilling coffee. The blues, grays, and purples on the table cloth and napkin are related in Holly's fur. Although she is the darkest aspect of the piece, she does not stand out more than the cup. The cup and the spilling tea is the most dramatic aspect of the piece; therefore, it stands out as the focal point. The converging lives on the chair and the napkin point towards the cup, and the eyes of positioning of the dogs face, makes the viewer want to look at what the dog is looking at. For this piece, I had to challenge creativity and work through many problems. I began by making the lace table cloth come off the page, and eventually, I made the tablecloth short so that the dark hues could be repeated throughout tablecloth and underneath it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Concentration #9

Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper 
10.5" x 9" 

For my third art piece I chose to repeat the stacked cup composition; however, I added the pearls to create depth and height. The highlights on the pearls are done in gesso paint, so that the pearls would stand out up against the background. The colors in the fabric in the background, were repeated throughout the pears and the cups. I used these cups with the pearls because the delicacy of this pattern, reminds me of beauty and luxury; therefore, the pearls correlate with the pattern. The shading on the fabric on the left side of the piece, is done to create fold and form among the fabric. The tea cups are the largest aspect of the piece; therefore, they stand out and are clearly the focal point. The cups are all similar; however, they have unique positions and shading to create diversity. Throughout the piece, I used a variation of warm and cool colors. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Concentration #8

8.75" x 5"
Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper 

For my eighth concentration piece, I chose to down size the proportions that have previously used. The design of this piece is designed to create an interesting yet simple work of art that is attractive and exciting. The blue value change in the background creates depth. The hue of the cloth underneath the stacked cups creates a repetition of the warm colors repeated throughout the cups. The repetition of blues throughout the entire piece creates unity. The placement of the cups on a diagonal slope create a sense of movement and drama.  The converging lines that are created through the brim of the top two cups point towards the focal point, which is the larger white cup. The emphasis on this cup, being the lightest light, also emphasizes that it is the focal point. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Concentration #7

Pencil drawing on drawing paper
10.5" x 8"

This pencil drawing is a very dramatic art piece. The wrinkles of the woman’s and hands and the crack in the cup help demonstrate and portray a story through this art piece. The contour outlining of the wrinkles helps distinguish how old and aged the woman holding the cup is. The converging lines lead the eye towards the focal point which is the tea cup. The location also helps create emphasis on the focal point, because it is the largest and most centralized aspect of the piece. This is a realism piece that is drawn to portray a real life setting and a story behind the focal point. The wrinkles create texture and form. The range in values and shading throughout the entire piece makes it visible that there is a light source and it generates emphasis on the tea cup. The cup has the lightest lights on it; therefore, it stands out more. The simplicity of the piece creates unity throughout the art piece.