Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Contour drawing

pencil on drawing paper

This is a contour drawing done to show my growth as an artist. This drawing is done by allowing the eye to follow the outer most edges, as well as the lines visible. I chose to do my mother in this position because I like the positioning of her body and the composition. The lines that create shapes in her hair are very interesting, and I liked all of the wrinkles on her shirt. By drawing her profile, I was challenged to create the proper proportions of her body, especially considering the awkward position of her stomach. However, I feel that this piece is of good enough quality to show that I have become much more aware of the lines and proportions of what I am drawing, and it allowed me to work from life. 

Turning shoulders

Charcoal on drawing paper 

For this piece I wanted to try charcoal. This is a picture I took while on the beach with one of my fellow classmates Lauren. I liked the positioning of her body and her large hat, which created an interesting composition. The reflection on her glasses shows movement and excitement; however, white background shows isolation. This piece has a wide range of value changes, which makes it an ideal charcoal drawing. The lights and darks were easily created by the shading, and the lightness of the top of her hat shows that she is in the sun. This is because it is much lighter than her face which is hidden from the sun by the large hat. The unexpected directions of her hair shows movement. The seriousness of her face and the black and white creates drama and expresses emotion. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Concentration #12

9.75" x 7.75"
Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper 

For my final piece, I chose to use a tea cup that I had not drawn yet, and I wanted to draw a person to help show my growth as an artist. This is a picture of a family friend. Her name is Gracie, and she is four years old. I bought this tea cup at a thrift store, and I thought it was very beautiful. I specifically liked the shape and size of this cup, because it is short and wide; therefore, I felt that it resembled a tea cup that might belong to a child's tea set. The tea cup is the lightest aspect of this piece; therefore, it is evident that it is the tea cup. I also felt that by using a bit of foreshortening, I was able to show my growth as a drawer. The shadows on her face show that she is holding the cup up towards someone or something. The unfocused appearance of her facial features show depth and that she is present, yet the cup is supposed to be the focal point of the piece.