Thursday, March 22, 2012

Into The Wild

8.75" x 14.5"
Pencil on drawing paper

For this breath piece I wanted to do something very unique and different. This picture was taken while on a nature walk, and I chose it because of the vertical and diagonal lines of the tree branches. The tree branches create emotion and mystery. This piece is unique because instead of using a conventional drawing style to create shading. I used words to create shading throughout the entire piece. I used very deep and emotional words that I felt reflected the tone and feeling that this picture portrays. By overlapping and darkening the words, I was able to cerate darker hues. I used a range of pencils that helped create harder and softer lines. The darkness and lightness of the branches show depth in the piece. The branches that are in front of my face show that I am hidden behind that the branches which also generates emotion.  

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