Friday, October 28, 2011

Summer Art 3

My final summer art piece is a still life of a pair of sunglasses placed on top of some books. This art piece is titled “Summer Reading.” I chose to draw this still life because we were given the choice to draw something ordinary in an unordinary place. I felt that, it being summer, the sunglasses would appear random and unordinary among a pile of books, because when wearing sunglasses, especially inside, it can be difficult to read. This piece has a high light on the left lenses, which comes from the light source. It allows the books under the glasses to be apparent behind the dark lenses of the glasses. This photo-realism art piece is done from a real life, still life. The point of view emphasizes the interesting lines and shapes of the glasses. The Harmony apparent among the books makes the viewer know that all of the objects in the background are books. The contrast of the glasses makes them the center of interest, or focal point, because they are generally the largest and darkest aspects of the pencil drawing. In this piece, I struggled with makes the background as interesting as the focal point. I drew them with hard edges at first, but I feel that by adding the lamp base to the background, it made the piece more interesting and not as isolated. It added something interesting to the boring negative space. 

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