Friday, October 28, 2011

Summer Art 2

My second art piece was done with newspaper clippings, known as a collage, and it is a picture of my friend Taylor. I was very satisfied with this piece, because I feel that I captured the different value changes on her face with the use of Newspaper accurately. The shadows and highlights on the face are visible, and the hair is broken up and appears realistic because of the detailing and strands of hair depicted. The broken up paper clippings create movement and express the realistic idea that her hair is blowing in the wind.  The background, being different shades of blue hues, adds interest and depth to the art piece. It also adds isolation and perspective to the art piece. The gradual change in shades of blue creates perspective. As the hue of the blue becomes lighter, she appears to be farther back; therefore, the right side of her face appears to be closer from the viewer’s point of view. At first, I struggled with the proportions of her nose and face; however, I feel that I was able to work out those problems. 

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